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651.276.4616.          We moved, to 1920 Old West Main,  just east and across the street. We are now in a larger space, with even more desserts to choose from!

Wisteria  Twig is a charming and eclectic Tea Room and Café , that lets  you step  back, to a time less harried, and stressful, with  antique furnishings and  vintage dishes. Our menu is diverse, featuring Homemade Soups, Fresh Baked Breads, Crisp Salads, a  wide variety  of hot or cold Sandwiches, Paninis and Wraps and of course Decadent Home Baked Desserts and Scones. Come in and join us for lunch or (reservations are appreciated, but not always necessary)  or stop in for scones or  desserts.

      Christmas Tea
      December 10th and 11th
                 At  2:30pm

                First Course.                                   Baked Brie and Fruit Kabob
                                                                             Second Course
    Black Olive and Feta Savory Scone
        Cranberry and Orange Scone
                                                                              Third Course
             Phillo Cup filled with 
       Roast Beef and Blue Cheese Rose
         Chicken, Pesto  and Feta Tart
    Unconventional Cucumber Sandwich
             Puff Pastry stuffed with
              Shrimp and Asparagus

                 Dessert Course
            Raspberry Shortbread Tart
                      Crème Caramel
     French Silk Tart in Chocolate Crust
                  Russian Tea Cakes
                  Strawberry Mousse

       Reservations and Deposit required.
 Upcharge for Gluten Free or Vegetarian

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